10 Tips For Your Content Marketing That Will Make Your Life Easier

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The time is long gone when a marketer could, at a much lower price than the market, acquire new customers through ads on Google and Facebook…

For many digital experts, content marketing has become indispensable. However, finding and creating good content takes time.

To save you time, we have listed 10 tips and tricks for your content marketing.

1 — Find inspiration through keywords

When you are sitting in front of a screen and you are looking for an idea in vain, you can stimulate your creativity with a structured principle: for example, Google Search Console which conducts an analysis based on the keywords your customers use to reach your site. On the other hand, if your customers regularly ask questions about your product types but none of your articles answer them, fill this gap. With the keyword planning tool on Google Adwords or Google Trends, look at the questions that come up most often in your industry.

2 — Talk to your customers

Who else but your customers knows best the issues that concern them and the information they need? As part of your content marketing, you can talk to your customers personally or by phone. You can do this with the help of your account manager. Small notes, for example on Evernote, are more than necessary. You can also talk directly to your customers and publish the minutes on your blog or as a testimonial on your website.

3 — Structure your ideas

Here is another principle to stimulate your creativity in case of breakdown: create an online list with all your team members so that everyone can write notes. When you come across interesting articles, you can easily share, collect and organize them via Storify or Evernote. For all those who are in need of interesting daily reading: Google Alerts is your friend.

4 — Save time with tools

The content creation process ranges from idea generation, documentation, writing, illustration and editing to publication. This process is easier to manage when supported by software. Try Evernote or Trello for example. It is very possible that in content marketing, to quickly lose control over the organization of its topics and planning.

5 — Come up with your article titles with your team

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Generating leads in marketing involves a multi-stage conversion process. Through your content and marketing strategy, leads gradually turn into customers, and then into repeat customers. The title of your paper plays a key role from the start: it determines how many people will click on your article and read the first few lines. Your content strategy only works when you have a title that attracts the reader’s curiosity. To inspire each other, you and your team members can create a list of article titles that usually attract readers’ interest (for example: “10 tips for…” or “Pros and cons…”).

6 — Use a thesaurus

In content marketing, don’t go overboard with keywords. Synonyms and concise but varied sentence structures are more important than an overused slogan. If you notice while writing or proofreading that you are repeating the same word several times, use an online thesaurus. You will then find alternative wording.

7 — Use synergies

“Author means authority. This is a saying from a time when books were still exclusively made of paper. This statement is still valid today: there are many people who write interesting articles on a topic, there are fewer who dedicate themselves intensely over a long period of time to a single issue. Those who fall into the latter category should consider publishing a digital book (e-book). As part of your content marketing, this offers several advantages:

  • You can reuse articles you have already written and thus limit production costs, while being careful not to lose the thread of your book.
  • By writing regularly on the same theme, you have already created an audience on your blog, which may turn out to be, even more so, potential customers for your book.
  • You can also attract the attention of specialists. From such a publication, you can generate new marketing opportunities, such as being invited to a debate or to speak at an event. This is how you build a reputation and generate additional income.

8 — Speak instead of write

Technology now makes it possible to turn good speakers into good writers. And that’s without having to spend hours on a keyboard. If you speak better than you type, you can use voice recognition software. Evernote, for example, has a feature that turns the words you speak into text.

9 — Interview experts

There’s a simple way to create good content with outside help: let others do it for you. The interview format we already know from newspapers, radio and TV has its advantages on the internet too:

  • You can provide relevant and cutting-edge content without having to do the research yourself
  • The experts you invite will surely share the article on their own social networks
  • Select your audience from among your customers and you will increase their acceptance of your product

Tip: for even more efficiency, record your interview with Skype recorder, then transcribe the conversation in writing with speechpad.com.

10 — Generate attention with visual content

Multimedia also means diversity: complement your article with not only photos, but also with graphs, diagrams, tables, podcasts, videos and quotes in quotation marks. With such visual content, you increase the chances of capturing the reader’s attention: on the one hand, users more easily share funny photos and relevant graphics on social networks, on the other hand, images serve to visually attract the reader’s attention. Moreover, it is often more effective to create an image or a graphic than to write a long text. Also, remember to briefly explain what the figure represents so that the reader is not forced to look at it.

We have prepared these 10 tips especially for those who don’t want to choose between quality and efficiency when setting up their content marketing.



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